Online Reputation Management & Social Media Listening Tool

It is more important than ever to protect and monitor your business or brand name in the ever-growing online world. Inc's online reputation management and social media monitoring tool allows you to do just that. Our free online tool helps you track social mentions, news stories, and even blog articles that mention your brand name or business.

Why Choose Inc's Online Reputation Management Tool?

There is no room for compromise when it comes to your online reputation. That's why Inc offers the most comprehensive and easy-to-use online reputation management tool on the market. Our free online reputation management tool helps you track and monitor social media activity, news stories, and blog articles that mention your brand name or business.

Online Reputation Management at No Cost

Most online reputation management tools come with a hefty price tag. But not Inc. We believe that everyone should have access to tools that help them improve and protect their online reputation. That's why our online reputation management is absolutely free.

Protect your Brand's Reputation

Your brand's reputation is one of your most valuable assets. That's why it's important to monitor online conversations and social media activity for any negative sentiment. With our online reputation management tool, you can quickly and easily see what people say about your brand online. You may quickly and simply find out what people are talking about your business by monitoring internet conversations. You may also utilize this valuable input to enhance your online reputation management plan.

Keep an Eye on Competitors

Keeping a close eye on your competition is vital in any business. However, it's crucial when it comes to online reputation management. With our free ORM tool, you can monitor what's being said about your competitors online. This includes social media mentions, news stories, and blog articles.

The Most Comprehensive Social Listening Tool

Inc's Social Listening Tool is the most comprehensive and affordable social media monitoring tool on the market. Our social media monitoring tool gives you the ability to track your keywords across all social media platforms, including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

You can also use our social media monitoring tool to track your competitors and more.

Conduct a Social Media Audit for Free

A social media audit evaluates a company, brand, or business's social media presence and effectiveness. A social media audit can help identify areas of improvement for social media marketing or search engine marketing campaigns. Additionally, a social media audit can help to benchmark a company's social media activity against its competitors.
Inc's social media listening tool is the perfect way to get started with your social media audit. Our tool is free to use and provides a comprehensive insight into your social media mentions and reputation.

Monitor your Social Media Mentions

Social media mentions are one of the most important things to track regarding your online reputation. A social media mention is any time your brand name or business is mentioned on social media. This could be a positive review, a negative customer complaint, or simply someone talking about your brand on social media.
It is important to monitor your social media mentions to quickly and easily see what people are saying about your brand. Additionally, you can use this valuable feedback to improve your online reputation management strategy.

Track Your Brand Name or Business Name on Social Media Platforms

Whether it is Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, you can use our social media monitoring tool to track your brand name or business name on all social media platforms. This is a great way to get an overview of your online reputation and see what people are saying about your brand across all social media channels.

Build a Deeper Understanding of Your Social Audience

By understanding your social audience, you can better tailor your social media marketing efforts to their needs and wants. Additionally, you can use this valuable information to improve your customer service efforts.
Some of the things you can learn about your social audience include: What topics are they talking about regarding your brand? What type of content do they engage with the most? Who are the most influential people in your brand's social community?
This valuable information can be found using our social media listening tool.